ARCGine Technologies

The world's leading low-Airspace Transportation Integrated Platform Service Provider
With the safe and controllable autonomous flight system as the core technology, focusing on Fire Emergency, Energy and Facility Inspection.


The team has a global vision and profound background in the field of civil aviation and fire emergency.


Utilize intelligent detection and autonomous obstacle avoidance technology to realize safe over-the-horizon flight on small and medium-sized drones, and solve the problem of large-scale service operation of drones.


Open platform architecture, API, SDK, public/private flexible deployment.

Industry Application

ARCGine Smart Fire Protection

Comprehensive fire prevention and control and actual combat command system, improve fire prevention capabilities, and solve the pain points of limited police force in fire rescue agencies

Forest Fire and Wildfire Risk Management

Drones Incorporate Advanced Deep Learning Models
Automatic inspection, intelligent identification, real-time fire monitoring

Intelligent pipeline inspection

ARCGine intelligent pipeline security one-stop service
Excellent cost, quick effect, leading technologies

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